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More than eight in 10 home owners have not refinanced in years, despite interest rates being at their lowest point in over 50 years.
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SUNSHINE Coast landlords are continuing to enjoy a golden run, with new figures showing a vacancy rate for rental properties of just 1.9%.

But while it’s good news for investors and the local economy, the lack of vacancies is making it difficult for people looking for a place to live. Keep Reading →

OVER $35 million has gone into helping first home buyers in Brisbane get a foot in the property market in the last two and half years, according to latest Queensland Government figures. Keep Reading →

Figures released by the Reserve Bank of Australia reveal that the ratio of household interest payments to disposable income dropped to an 11-year low in December 2014. Keep Reading →

Working overseas can lead to tricky tax pitfalls, but seeking expert advice can keep you from paying up twice.

Going overseas to work is a grand adventure for many young professionals. It offers the opportunity to experience a different culture, expand your work experience and enhance future career opportunities.

But the way income earned overseas is taxed is a complex area, especially if you’re working for smaller businesses that may not have much experience in how to structure salary packages for staff working abroad. It’s worth understanding how the tax regimes in the major markets treat your income if you’re considering an overseas secondment. Keep Reading →

QUEENSLANDERS are missing out on some of the biggest savings in years, making up just 15 per cent of the $62 billion worth of homes that were refinanced last year.

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1.  Sales volumes have experienced an increase over the last twelve months; however, reported vacant land sales remain low.  Sales volumes are expected to accelerate throughout calendar 2015.  There were 16,000 residential sales on the Sunshine Coast last year.

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For anyone that has a rental property make sure you have landlord insurance as part of your building policy. If not your welcome to contact us for a quote.



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Contemporary artists have discovered that street art is not only beautiful to look at, but that it can also be soft and smooth to the touch. Moss graffiti is eco-friendly as it doesn’t use any aerosols; what the “painting” needs is just a dash of water to thrive. Keep Reading →

WHILE growth in the property market slowed down during the second half of the year, it still finished in a better position than it started in all but one capital city. Keep Reading →