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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m looking at buying in Brisbane and Sydney can you still help me?

Yes – we can help no matter where you are looking to purchase your property in Australia.

What are the costs to use your service?

We’re proud of the services we offer, the value we provide our clients and the long-term relationships we’re able to form with every successful client.

We don’t charge you for our services, and you will not pay more for your loan by using Loan Smart. Why not?

We as mortgage brokers are paid by the lenders – not you our client. When you think about it, it does makes sense, the lenders have two main ways to sell their home loans, one via the branch network where they have the cost of the branch, wages for their staff and the other option is via mortgage brokers where they only have to pay us when we sell one of their products.

Can you work with my existing bank?

In most cases yes, we have access to 33 of the major lenders in the market so providing your existing bank is one of our lending partners we are more than happy to work with them. This would still depend on your existing lenders policy towards expat lending.

As an expat borrower do I need a 20% deposit?

No you don’t, we have a number of our lending partners that will consider lending to expats with a smaller deposit.

Can you work with my existing Accountant and Solicitor?

Yes we do this for our clients all the time, it is often easier for us to deal with them given your location overseas and possible time zone differences. We also know what information they will need and can keep them in the loop throughout the process.

Why are you different to other brokers or lenders?

Choosing a home is one of the largest financial decisions you’ll make, and I believe firmly that you need real, actual help during the process, rather than someone just trying to sell you a product. I have 17years of experience in the residential lending industry and have helped many individuals and families with their residential purchases. Also we have developed our systems and process to specalise in dealing with clients located all around the globe.

We have been overseas for a few years now can you recommend a solicitor and accountant if needed?

Yes with our years of experience we have come across a number of great professionals and we would be happy to provide an introduction. We do not collect any referral fees (or kickbacks) for providing this service.